250ml | Black Truffle Oil

250ml | Black Truffle Oil

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Italian seasoning made of olive oil mixed with black truffle for a powerful flavor. For gourmets, foodies, delicatessen lovers and professional cooks.


Infused concentrated fresh truffle juice with with woody flavors as well as notes of dried fruits & hazelnuts. 

Blend of cold-pressed virgin & extra virgin olive oil. Produced from a mix of black & green Italian olives.

Use as a seasoning, marinade, vinaigrette, in mayonnaise or as a finishing oil. Works well with salad, pizza, pasta, burrata, risottos, grilled vegetables & meat, etc.


49% extra virgin olive oil, 49% olive oil, black truffle aroma (infused from concentrated juice)

No Artificial Flavours, GMO free, Gluten Free 

Energy 3 700KJ
Energy KCal 900 KCal
Total fats
     Incl. saturated fats  15g

Customer Reviews

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E. E. Hughes
Use sparingly

Very strong smell. I have drizzled it over potatoes (mashed and boiled new potatoes) and it is a nice change to my usual seasonings. Use sparingly otherwise it becomes a bit much. It did not feel synthetic or low grade to my untrained palate.


Very strong. Perfect for drizzling

A decent oil

Strong flavour, genuine truffle, good olive oil. Overall a good package

Great on pasta

So much I love truffle it is too expensive and I can't afford to buy fresh truffle. I therefore go for product that contain truffle, truffle crisps, truffle honey, truffle oil.......The oil has a subtle taste of truffle which is not very powerful and you can only taste a hint of the flavour. Tried added it on my pasta, it does lift up the taste. My favourite way is to drizzle this oil on pasta mixed with fried thinly sliced garlic. Cooking it as simple as possible to teste the truffle.
Other than pasta you can also drizzle it on risotto.
The taste of truffle can be stronger in my opinion but this is justified by the price. Still happy to recommend it.

Chris Hall
Absolutely packed with delicious and moreish flavour. Love it!

The “Black Truffle Oil” from “El Dorado Aroma” is a high-quality black truffle infused olive oil that’s ideal for adding to salads, marinades and vinaigrettes etc.

First off, this truffle infused olive oil is absolutely packed with flavour! I mean, oh yes boyo does it give you a luscious flood of mouth-watering flavour with every dribble and slosh on your food. Personally, I advise you to use it relatively sparingly on a salad or the like, otherwise the flavour of the oil will completely dominate everything else on your palette.

I’ve found with a green salad, a quick, light slosh of the oil mixed in with some salt and pepper and some chopped up fresh chives tastes absolutely superb. Like amazingly fresh and moreish.

As a family we absolutely love the truffle infused olive oil. So much so that we now make sure we always have a bottle in the cupboard. And it does last, because you only use a little each go because of the aforementioned tsunami of flavour that floods your palette with it.

Very highly recommended.